Pro Shrink Wrap

Is this product environmently friendly ?

What is shrink wrap?
Shrink wrap is a low density polyethylene film that when heated, shrinks to form a drum tight cocoon like structure to anything it is applied to or wrapped around.

What is it used for?
Marine, disaster services (such as tornado damage), industry, RVs, machinery.
Why use shrink wrap instead of a tarp?
• Complete weather protection for all stored products
   o Waterproof / UV Inhibitors
   o One piece coverage—no leaks or gaps
   o Will protect valuable possessions for the entire storage season
• Tarps cannot compete
   o The shrink wrap cover will stay put—is tight fitting and well secured
   o Shrink wrap covers eliminate chafing, abrasion, scratching, etc.
   o Covers can be well ventilated reducing moisture, mold and mildew from forming underneath
   o When wrapping boats for storage, support structures give the cover enough slope and strength
      so that snow, rain, and ice will run off instead of piling up
• Zipper access doors allow entry inside during the storage season
• Professional, sleek, and attractive form of protection
• Creates a durable & strong cover
   o Puncture resistant
   o 7 mil cover holds approximately 290 pounds per square foot
What makes it the highest quality and most durable film on the market?

100% virgin resin material gives it consistant mil thickness.
Are there other types of specialty films?

Bio Shrink Wrap contains an antimicrobial additive which inhibits mold, mildew, algae and bacteria,
including E Coli.

Flame retardant Shrink Wrap
contains an additive that will self-extinguish the flame if the shrink wrap
ignites. It also meets NFPA 701 specifications for test 2 flammability.
What do I do with the wrap after I am ready to access my investment?
Rebag it
We offer the ReBag kit to recycle your shrink wrap scraps and entire covers.
• 30" x 50" clear bag with cover removal directions printed on it
• Zip tie to securely close the bag
• Prepaid UPS return label