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How important are your investments???
Pro Shrink Wrap provides the highest quality shrink wrap available at an affordable price. Protecting your investments is our number one priority. We set the highest standard for customer service and reliability. We come to you! Please click on icons below to view our image gallery.


Pro Shrink Wrap offers a rebag recycling system because we simply believe in saving the environment. It is an effective, efficient and environmentally sound product. Simply put your shrink wrap scraps and entire covers into the bag, zip tie and send via UPS with the prepaid label. It is that easy!
We offer the ReBag kit to recycle your shrink wrap scraps and entire covers.
• 30" x 50" clear hanging bag with cover removal directions printed on it
• Zip tie to securely close the bag
• Prepaid UPS return label - UPS will pick it up or you can drop it off at a UPS service center
Each Rebag will hold the cover of a 26' power boat or approximately 600 square feet of plastic.
This product gives you peace of mind. It keeps any waste out of landfills, so you are saving the environment with this one simple step.